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An art science project bringing Viennese science to the Viennese.

Our mission

There is inherent beauty and power in scientific equations. Equations consist of only a few letters and symbols, and yet those few letters represent our knowledge about nature and allow us to make predictions.

We create wall murals with equations and scientific content with a connection to Vienna. We want to bring scientific achievement out of museums and universities and into the public realm. We choose wall murals because they are visible to everyone and anyone who passes by.

The wall murals stand as an invitation to engage: to learn about an equation, to be inspired by a short story about science and the people behind it, and to take part in the discussion about how science and technology can and should shape our lives.

Future Wall Murals

We are only at the beginning of our journey. Help us create more wall murals about Viennese science. We are looking to connect with artists who want to create the murals, building owners with highly visible walls, funding opportunities, and of course, people who know a science story that can move people.


Let's make science part of our city! 



Assoc. Prof. Thomas Juffmann

Thomas works at the University of Vienna, where his research group develops microscopes and quantum sensing strategies for applications in materials science and biology.


Jacqui Hayes

Jacqui is an award-winning Australian science journalist, science communicator and edtech product manager. She has her own consultancy based in Vienna, Austria.

Dominik L.jpeg

Dr. Dominik Leuenberger

Dominik is a physicist,  currently working on novel sensor technology. He has a passion for art, painting, and visual design.


Our International Friends

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